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Did you think I was the only one capable of achieving greatness? No, not quite. There are some other great little SEO quizzes knocking around. I probably initially got this idea from having a go at Alexis Sanders' brilliant Technical SEO quiz many many years ago. 

I've tried to list some of the other BRILLIANT SEO quizzes out there on the internet. As I am just one person and there are only so many hours in the day, feel free to share your suggested quizzes - if you happen to know of any.

Whatever you do, DO NOT suggest one of those daft LinkedIn SEO quizzes where they ask you incredibly vague, nonsensical questions. We're better than that.

#1: TechnicalSEO.Expert - by Alexis Sanders

Technical SEO Quiz
Just to look at the above screenshot from the quiz - you know you're in for a treat. Fairly unknown (I think?) Alexis' quiz is great fun for a bored, jaded technical SEO. I won't embarrass myself by revealing how far I was able to progress in the quiz - but I do recommend you get stuck in and give it a try.


Alexis Sanders on Twitter (why not tell her how much you loved her quiz!)
Alexis Sanders

#2: Moz's SEO Quiz

Moz SEO quiz
A bit too mainstream and corporate for a modern day SEO hipster such as myself, but if you're into quizzes - and SEO - you might fancy a crack at their quiz. It's quite a lengthy multiple choice one (40 questions at time of writing this) - but if you can stay awake for long enough you can finally determine whether you're actually any good at SEO... or not!!!


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